WestBeach Prize 2016 – ‘The Velveteen Banquet’ Experiential Event

Andy Dixon - June 2016

We are thrilled to announce that Christina, our newest addition to the Scene2 project management team, has won an award for extraordinary skills in marketing, PR, event management and entrepreneurial practice by inviting guests to immerse themselves in the journey of  ‘The Velveteen Banquet’.

Christina’s final major project “The Velveteen Banquet” – an experiential fundraising event where guests experienced an intimate, experiential feast was inspired by the themes and ethos of the 1920’s literary classic – ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’.  In this night of experiential fine dining, guests were left with senses tingling as they were treated to a sensory feast of both outlandish and original food combined with captivating lyrical performance.

This tantalising evening banquet was submitted for the WestBeach Prize 2016, which is awarded to students from the BA (Hons) Creative Events Management – formerly BA (Hons) Arts and Event Management – course for exemplary students in the field.  It is awarded to students who have shown and have a keen awareness for how the industry is changing and adapting. This includes the use of web-based promotion and social media, and what it takes to stage an event.

“The Velveteen Banquet” was chosen as the 2016 winning project.

Westbeach award 2016

Andy Price, Managing Director of WestBeach, commented ‘We felt that the combination of inspiration, setting, imaginative food and entertainment was an exceptionally clever combination and the connection with Rethink charity worked well to make the event sensory, enjoyable and thought-provoking. The event production, promotional material and design was extremely professional, and the co-ordination of crowd funding, suppliers, artists, venue and ticket sales, along with a good web presence, all worked to make it a successful event’.

Susan Walker, Creative Director Scene2 Ltd said ‘Congratulations to Christina and her team on winning the WestBeach Prize 2016.  We are thrilled for you all and count ourselves lucky to have Christina as part of our team. We look forward to Christina becoming an integral part of Scene2’s future development’.