TESTIMONIAL from ‘Raymond James, Investment Services’

projectmanager - November 2009

It was a new experience for us to have items designed for us for the Raymond James Investment Services stand at the BNI Members’ Day. The result met every expectation.

The display turrets you created for us attracted real interest so that the stand looked different, caught the eye and drew many people to it. When the time comes for a display at another conference or exhibition I will certainly want to talk to you.

My company’s business is the management of investments in large and small packets. Dull and safe is probably the best practise although some panache and originality creates interest. That is what I enjoyed about the work you did for us. It took us out of the ordinary and made us look distinctive and a little special.

In summary:

The display looked special and different form the normal run

Prospective clients were attracted by the hint of origiinality

Your service was efficient and delivery was prompt and on time

Thank you for your work for us in October. I will be very happy to recommend Scene2 as a design office which can produce something different, interesting and memorable form a brief tied to the mudane and ordinary.”

Robert Bewell – Investment Manager