Secret Cinema – The future of entertainment?

projectmanager - June 2011

If you live round London, unless you’ve been living under a rock, the chances are you’ve heard of Secret Cinema.

If all you want to do is watch a movie, then Secret Cinema probably isn’t for you. As a member of the audience you are instructed to get involved with unfolding the plot just as much as you are to spectate it. The events take place once a month are held at unusual venues in which the location remains secret until the last minute, as does the film to be shown. In typical hipster fashion the films are chosen with a political bent, encouraging people to think a little harder about the world today. Ticket-holders are emailed elaborate instructions for where to rendezvous and what to wear and are then windswept away to intricate sets by actors who improvise to recreate the film’s plotline.

The premises of Secret Cinema is what we like here at Scene 2. Its undisputed and growing underground cult following clearly demonstrates that audiences are demanding more for their money these days.

From 3D glasses to Xbox Kinect, technology within the consumer market seems to be heading in one direction, interactivity. Brands are not only wanting to become more specific to fulfilling the audiences desires, they want to create engaging artificial worlds so that peoples desires can be virtually realized.

It is revolutionising the traditional cinema experience, fusing film with live music, theatre and live performance. The films come to life in a totally immersive environment where the audience become characters within the narrative of the film, interacting with the world around them.

With almost 95 000 likes on Facebook, the secret cinema is slowly and surely becoming an underground British phenomena, purely on the basis that it stands for those values. It is creative, interactive, fun and most importantly emotionally engaging. These are the values an increasingly savvy and informed customer market want.

Here at Scene 2 we stand for similar values, in which we design and build interactive experiences to promote your brand. To check out what services we provide have a quick peep at these videos here.