Searching for that reset button

Andy - April 2020

Reaching for that RESET button

Just like my online exercise sessions, that I am dragging myself out of bed for each day in the name of routine and staying positive, the daily stretch and reach for the reset button is the goal that I am striving for.  I believe we, all together, will get there and the changes we make along the way just may become our new habits.

I reset my mind every morning, by arguing with myself, having the same conversation around staying positive, keeping the routine going and not eating everything in the cupboard. I have to remind myself that that overall reset button is in reach and if I can just get there, I can make changes within me, for my family and my business that could alter the way we view and behave, in the world – changes for the better.

It takes 40 days to make a habit

I have heard, that it takes 40 days to make, or change, a habit. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all use this time to change those bad habits or even convert the bad into good, new, better habits?

How we talk to people, how we view a challenge or react to situations, it could be easier than we think.  We are all capable of being better people and now we have the time to realise it.

Reaching that reset button

We all have a RESET button.  Reaching for our RESET button is the motivation behind each day in these challenging COVID-19 times. Hitting that RESET button is simply using this time – we all have time right now – to stop, step back and look at what we can change and how we can do it……and then make it a habit.

Got to be worth a go don’t you think?  Wouldn’t it be great if we all went back to our busy working lives being kinder, more reasonable people with a similar goal – to be the best people we can be and help others to do the same.