The Art of Immersive Dining - December 2019

Scene2 examines the Art of Immersive Dining Experience and asks what is the key to success?

With Christmas around the corner and as the trend rises in 2020 for world class immersive dining experiences, Scene2 (Immersive Production set builders for Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds: The Immersive Experience) are excited about opportunities in 2020.

2019 saw the start of the search for reasons to get off the sofa and away from a screen. Use of apps like Deliveroo and Uber Eats has soared in 2019 and with social interaction at our fingertips, the increase in desire to search for reasons to get off the sofa and away from a screen has grown.

It is therefore no surprise, that there has been a meteoric rise in the emergence of immersive dining and other sensory experiences on offer; a chance to share unique experiences with friends and to do something to challenge the senses and share on social media.

Everyone loves good food, but a stunning menu is no longer enough for today’s experience hungry guests

In the run-up to Christmas, the choice of immersive dining experiences seems to equal the choice of Christmas tree decorations.  With great chefs ready to share their ideas for new menus in abundance also, the experience designers have looked to traditional storytelling to complete the unique experience.

Guests want to be in it, part of it and contributing to it

Successful immersive experience holds theatre at the its core, creating illusionary environments full of visual spectacle and rich in storytelling which completely immerse its audience.  The audience feel like they are in it, part of it and contributing to it.

Theatre has cemented itself as the perfect vehicle for the narrative immersive journey. The traditional theatrical, promenade performance requires little effort from the audience, who are engulfed by an immersive set, guided along by a great story, aided by engaging actors and without realising it, become part of the experience.

The trick is in the theatre, the skill is in the design.

In the same way that a theatre designer designs a promenade show, the rules for success when designing an immersive dining experience, are simple:

Design the journey so that the audience can move easily through stunning sets and immersive environments. Creation of spaces to play, to digest & to share the experience with others will fortify the message.

High production values. Sets created with incredible attention to detail applied with values to match the high quality of the menu ensure the journey tells the story and provides the backdrop for actors to compound the message.

Involve the audience in the story – involvement is the most powerful action we can take to change an event from a spectator show to an immersive experience.

Scrumptious food and drink is always an incentive to visit somewhere.  Theatrical Immersive experience with the highest in production values fortifies the message.

The art to success is in the execution and when done well, ensures that Immersive Dining Experience as a perfect marketing tool is here to stay!

Andy Dixon

Creative Director, Scene2

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”


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