Scene2 and Voodoo collaboration

Andy - September 2019

Voodoo Immersive & Scene2 Announce a new collaboration to Deliver Branded Immersive Experiences

Scene2 (Immersive Production set builders for Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds: The Immersive Experience) & Voodoo Immersive (Tech geniuses who delivered Saatchi Gallery’s Ocean of Air) are excited to announce a brand new partnership that will offer brands and agencies a one-stop production house to deliver optimum, world-class immersive experiences.

Sensory brand experience is growing

As consumer’s demand for increasingly more exciting, sensory brand experience grows, more and more brands have jumped on this trend and dabbled with immersive technology and theatrical trickery to enhance their experiential events. “We believe that there is a gap in the market for a first-class production house with a proven track record, that can offer brands the very best bespoke immersive solution to get their branded messages across in a totally awesome and inspiring way that will create fans and lasting brand legacy” Andy Dixon, CEO Scene2

“It’s exciting to be able to offer brands fully optimised immersive events that communicate more truthfully than any other medium, what it is that they stand for. Together we will be providing a gateway to a reality of your creation ” Alec Lane, Voodoo Immersive

The collaboration will offer brands and their agencies the following services:

CREATIVE CONSULTANCY – Concepts, design, scamps, 3D visualisations and technical drawings – We have long and varied project experience, across all immersive media, which enables us to contribute expertise and opinion towards your immersive project at any stage CONCEPT CREATION – Original physical environments can be developed from your project brief; alternatively, we can aid in the refinement of existing concepts to ensure the best possible result. IMMERSIVE TECHNOLOGIES – Location Based Entertainment (LBE) environments for Immersive Technologies, inclusive of but not limited to, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and projection mapping SET BUILD – Carpentry, metalworking, fibreglass, CNC machining, 3D printing, paint spraying, graphic print application, sewing and after the event is over we can offer storage too PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT – Project management, asset management, RAMS, touring & logistics organisation, whether permanent, semi-permanent, touring, or pop up. SYSTEM/LAYOUT DESIGN – We design your layout and develop a bespoke system of integrated components designed to maximise audience immersion and throughput whilst minimising staff workload.