Happy #NationalBookLoversDay!

Andy Dixon - August 2016

Wishing everyone a Happy National Book Lovers Day!

We have been thinking about projects which have made us proud to join in celebrations for National Book Lovers Day.

Top of the list is working with our friends at the Booksellers Association, producing a Book Bag big enough for a giant.  This enormous, eye-catching, experiential prop has been seen in the entrance to Foyles Bookshop, centrepiece at IBF16 exhibition and even suspended in an airy atrium at Saatchi & Saatchi.

Here at Scene2, we love books and we love producing engaging giant props too!

One of our projects this month has been to be part of the launch of the BFG film in Leicester Square, London and inside Lancaster House, right next door to Buckingham Palace.

BFG - Giants footprint

Project Assistant – Christina Hedges has summed up her experience in her blog:

The BFG has, for the last few weeks, consumed the workshop. Install day had finally arrived….3pm Lancaster House, right in front of Buckingham Palace, we unloaded our lorry of props into the stunning foyer of the building. There must have been 100+ other extra staff from crew to caterers but we managed to work around them and even got an extra hand off the crew to unload. I realised how important it is to revert back to the original client visuals in this situation, as we hadn’t been told very much information about the install (wasn’t even sure which side of the grand stairs it was going on) so using these visuals and tracking down the PM of the event set us out on the right foot. There were no hiccups and although the install took longer than expected due to lengthy and extremely tight security measures,  the compliments and thanks we received after the event were great. It definitely brought a smile to peoples faces when they recognised the scene from the film, and even more so when they walked up the stairs to see the top of the giant grandfather clock table set with trays of eggs, toast and with a sword, garden fork and shovel as cutlery!

BFG - Grandfather Clock Table