A look back on the past year and expectations for 2018

Andy Dixon - December 2017

With the New Year quickly approaching Scene2 are looking forward to working with more exciting brands, receiving new opportunities and forever pushing the boundaries of what is possible for your experiential activation.

Looking back over the past year it has brought a record-breaking number of projects through our doors and with that has been a noticeable shift in the presence of experiential in conventional marketing avenues. As more brands are recognising the power of this non-traditional stream and becoming advocates due to the success of their own activations, we have certainly seen a higher demand for our production abilities.

We’ve had some very exciting projects this year, including; a full 360’ photo capture pod for a phone launch to highlight its awesome camera resolution; a life-sized snow cave made from fiberglassed polystyrene with an internal greenscreen experience placing the individual into a chilling scene of a new movie…..

snow cave - greenscreen video booth

and a set of iconic red umbrella domes that popped up on UK city streets for a special Valentines event. A normal working week is never the same twice for us at Scene2 and this has helped us develop the required strategies to turn crazy concepts and ideas into a reality.

The big question we are all asking ourselves now, is ‘What might next year bring?’ Hopefully, even bigger and more wildly creative projects that we can be proud to put our name to and wow audiences!

The world of experiential although now established, is still at the beginning of its possibilities and predictions for 2018 suggest that the buzzword for this year is going to continue into the next with VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) popular additions for integrated stands. Perhaps digital innovation will start to become a prominent element to many of our builds as the accessibility to tech makes it an effective way to captivate people’s attention and achieve higher numbers of online participation. It is, however, important to remember the core beauty of Experiential; collective participation of people in one real, physical space. VR, after all, is a very solo experience which isn’t always easy to project to the wider audience watching.

We love taking on the impossible and I hope that the New Year might bring some of the old classics back to the workshop such as giant models of well-known products. Our giant lipstick towered Kings Cross station last year, stunning passersby on their everyday commute…..

and a recreation of Roald Dahls giant BFG grandfather-clock table featured in the beautiful Lancaster House. Whatever we’re challenged with, I have no doubt that Scene2 will continue to reach and exceed both our client and brand expectations to maximize customer engagement.

BFG PR Launch

Written by Christina Hedges – Project Manager