Lake District Cheese Experiential Stand for Sense Marketing

Andy Dixon - September 2012

We recently created 1 large stand to tour County Shows and 2 smaller units to tour Supermarket car parks.

All 3 stands consisted of a central serving area and 2 fully branded wings with “touchy feely” elements.

Lake District Cheese Experiential - County Unit - County Shows

Created using an aluminium framework clad in printed dibond. The units all flat packed into a Luton van for ease of transport.

The Larger rig that toured County Shows also consisted of 2 smaller game units – 1 based around a game where children throw themed balls to try and hit the branded cow cut-out and the other featuring a colouring wall & a magnetic jigsaw puzzle.

Lake District Cheese Experiential - County Shows

The “touchy feely” walls consisted of relief elements forming the trailer & milk churn, fluffy fur for the bunny, faux suede as cow skin & a rubber nose for the cows….. nose!