Is “Gaffer Tape” the best piece of design in the world?

Andy Dixon - April 2012

Gaffer Tape

David Bailey has named Gaffer Tape as the best piece of design in the world.

How many of us  in the design,  film, TV, theatre or set construction business agree?  Bailey claims it can do everything; over the years it has stuck million-dollar Panavision cameras together and gaffered down an eye-lid for a photo-shoot on his behalf.

We, like David Bailey, too love Gaffer Tape and applaud it’s ability to provide a solution to a multitude of problems.

The Observer Magazine this week is celebrating British Design to coincide with the V&A’s new retrospective – British Design 1948-2012:Innovation in the Modern Age. David Bailey’s, whilst naming Gaffer Tape as up there with Ferrari as design classics,  expresses opinions on design which pose some interesting food for thought.

“Good design should be functional.  It shouldn’t look good, it should work.  Otherwise it’s art. You don’t want it to defeat it’s own purpose.”

At scene2 we believe that  design is a solution to a problem.  This could be function, visual appearance, desirability, experiential effectiveness; the creative brief is limitless.   That is why we love what we do.  Every creative brief that comes to us is different with it’s own set of problems to solve.

For Ron Arad, his favourite piece of design is the anglepoise lamp yet if he had to take one thing to a desert island it would be – a pencil.  What’s your favourite piece of Design?