Grey Goose Window Display @ Selfridges, London

Andy Dixon - December 2013

We have created this fabulous window, on behalf of Ragged Edge, for Grey Goose vodka and recently installed it in one of the prime location window sites at the Iconic Selfridges on London’s Oxford street.

Grey Goose - Selfridges Window - whole shot

Tasked with producing a giant Martini glass, complete with giant olive and “pick”, as well as a flock of silver geese replicating the key branding, we used a variety of techniques, resulting in an eye-catching display, designed by Ragged Edge.

The geese were created by 3d printing them in nylon; these were then modified, producing two variants in flight, sanded, primed using a high build primer, and then sprayed in a high gloss silver finish to produce a “chromed” effect.

Grey Goose - Selfridges Window - 3D printed geese in spray room

The giant glass was constructed using clear acrylic and petg and then given an icey, frosted finish with snow effect detailing.

Grey Goose - Selfridges Window

Once everything was made the team squeezed into the tight confines of the Selfridges window to set the scene; supplementing the snowy hills with giant Grey Goose vodka bottles, complete with under lighting, model houses and 3d printed people.

Grey Goose - Selfridges Window - Rachel