Greenpeace use the force of Guerilla Marketing

projectmanager - June 2011

Successful environmental campaigns are all about creating a big bang within the industry, and really putting on the pressure on giant corporations to clean up their act. Here at Scene 2 we believe that experiential and guerilla marketing tools are undoubtably the perfect medium for environmental pressure groups to fulfill those aims.

Greenpeace this morning launched the first of five guerilla marketing stunts against the largest car manufacturer in Europe, whose marketing credentials claim to be the most eco friendly car manufacturer in the world.

The Greenpeace campaign was a mixture of experiential and traditional marketing. On top of their billboard guerilla marketing idea, activist also dressed as Stormtroopers outside the company’s UK head office in London. Additionally, in order to support the message going viral a spectacular counter commercial video was made (can be viewed below), as well as a Star Wars themed website, developed to encourage consumers to sign up to ‘Join the Rebellion’, to petition against the car manufacturer.

The campaign has come as a rebel strike against Volkswagens Darth Vader ad, which recently won the Golden Lion award at Cannes. Can be viewed here –

The Greenpeace counter ad can be viewed here –

All in all Greenpeace has shown how traditional and experiential marketing really go hand in hand if you want to get your message recognised in the blizzard of advertising these days.

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Source = Greenpeace