Giant House of Cards for Jesus College, Cambridge May Ball

Andy Dixon - June 2015

Quirky, towering and the perfect sophisticated selfie setting.  A wild card in its own playground, our Giant House of Cards just joined the party at the Jesus College, Cambridge May Ball 2015!

Set to the College’s ‘Wild Card’ May Ball theme, the giant cards were each designed uniquely, individually and eclectically by students at the College for this year’s celebration and the House of Cards was orchestrated by Scene2.  We have really enjoyed collaborating with the Jesus College May Ball Committee in this project’s creativity, playfulness, quirkiness, safety(!), elegance and outstanding visual impact.

jesus college may ball giant house of cards - under construction

Jesus College May Ball President George Bryan commented: “Everyone really loved the House of Cards and I keep seeing photos pop up on my Facebook of people with photos in front of it. It was great working with you guys, the entire process was very smooth and the finished product impressive.”

jesus college may ball giant house of cards - guests3