Experiential marketing: World Vision

projectmanager - July 2011

World Vision Logo

Round about this time last year we brought out our fabulous World Vision campaign. It was such a sterling success that World Vision are reusing the experiential exhibition again, today, at St Mary’s church in Shenley.

The idea behind this experiential event is to transport consumers to experience how it must feel to live in the poverty circumstances in which the children of Sierra Leone go through. We designed and built an authentic looking miniture village and developed a narrative to guide guests through a very real story of a child’s life in Sierra Leone.

At the beginning of the exhibition guests collect an MP3 to start the experience.

During the interactive journey the consumer begins in the first hut which shows an insight into how many people live in Sierra Leone, consumers are able to see, smell and feel the every day items they have to use to cook, sleep and wash.

As the story continues consumers move into the second hut which gives an insight into how families are living after receiving the help and support of World Vision and its donaters. It is here that we see there are beds, wood burning stoves, tables and mosquito nets.

At the end of the experience consumers leave the last hut through a tunnel of postcards telling stories of other children needing sponsorship.

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