Experiential Uniform – create an eye-catching sampling campaign

Andy Dixon - January 2014

This activation for Cadbury recently caught our eye.

 Experiential Fashion

Nowadays it is difficult to stand out as a guerilla sampling campaign. Standard requirements for a mass sampling, guerrilla style, activation are for a quick deployment; something that can be transported easily and be lightweight.

It is difficult to stand out with these requirements; branded feather flags, a “dump” bin and some printed t-shirts with co-ordinating trousers and shoes is the usual solution…… There might be enthusiastically vocal staff who interact and entertain, but it’s difficult to raise a smile from busy commuters, eager to get from A to B and pick up a free sample along the way without engaging with the brand.

This solution for Cadburys would struggle NOT to raise a smile from even the most work tired passer-by.

Creating a solution that is portable, lightweight, eye-catching and entertaining; with bright colours, custom design, inflatable sections, sound and even built in confetti cannons ensures that everyone that comes into contact with this Brand Ambassador has fun and talks about the activation, the product and their experience.

At scene2 we create bespoke, branded fabrics, utilising processes used by top fashion designers. Our expert team of cutters and sewers are ready to create eye-catching uniforms and experiential fashion to take your guerilla campaign to the next level.

Be the next step in experiential fashion….Be scene2 be different