Experiential Stand Production for GREY GOOSE

Andy Dixon - November 2014


Standing proudly in Covent Garden is the French Boulangerie we have just produced, and installed on Thursday, for GREY GOOSE and on behalf of Ragged Edge, the Boulangerie’s designers.

Grey Goose - Boulangerie - experiential activity2

Part of a wider experiential design aimed at providing bespoke GREY GOOSE martinis to guests at Covent Garden piazza, the French bakery “Boulangerie François” provides a wonderful visual display, and an elegant place to enjoy a drink and the delights of the sumptuous store windows.  The façade and window displays feature oak trim, aged mirrors, classic and elegant lamps and Grey Goose branding, all offset by the shop’s deep blue laminate walls.

Grey Goose - Boulangerie - experiential activity

We are proud and delighted to have worked with Ragged Edge and GREY GOOSE on this high-end project.

Grey Goose - Boulangerie - experiential activity3