Experiential stand for Freeview

Andy Dixon - November 2012

Here at scene2 we love making outsized props, creating things a little bit different.

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Having built a shopping centre touring stand for Freeview on behalf of Gekko for the Christmas season 2011, we were delighted to be tasked with producing another stand for 2012.

Freeview’s 2012 campaign focuses on the ability to “record, pause and rewind” tv using a Freeview + box. We have built a giant box, creating a stage for talented singers.



The stage also contains an electronically operated, hidden drawer to hold giveaway CDs
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Christmas trees and artificial snow complete the look, with a fully branded back wall relaying the message to consumers

We also produced a giant remote control for consumers to interact with the singers, controlling wether they repeat, pause or rewind their performances. As users push the record, pause or rewind buttons, corresponding led’s light up on the stage