Diet coke experiential stand for lfwe

Andy Dixon - September 2012

photomechanic_Diet_Coke_JPGFebruary 2012 saw experiential success for Diet Coke at London Fashion Weekend. At scene2 we were proud to have contributed to its success by producing their eye-catching, high quality finish stand.

This September we are celebrating again as the enhanced stand became the talk of LFWE host venue Somerset House, London.

With the floor plan re-design creating a full photographer’s studio & the addition of a bespoke photo-mechanic, Diet Coke generated a potential reach of over 250,000 consumers.

Styled to support the launch of limited edition JPG bottles & cans, the stand housed a striking JPG header & photo backdrop. Giant cans once again provided eye-catching storage solutions while ipad kiosks & stylish plinths “hero’d” the product.


We loved our bespoke photo-mechanic as much as everyone who stepped up to strike a pose. We had many laughs road-testing before it went live for LFWE. Once on-site, consumers could choose a day or night JPG themed image to strike a pose “sea-side style”.


The photo was instantly available for upload onto Facebook, email or Twitter via ipad kiosks.

Diet Coke Photo Mechanic

LFWE saw a total of 1700 photos taken, 560 published on Facebook, 90 on Twitter & 500 emailed directly. Every participant was encouraged to “like” the Diet Coke Facebook page. With all social media figures totalled, the Diet Coke brand had a potential reach of over 250,000 people, pretty good figures for photo fun.