Creativity Month – January: Creativity Sparks Through The Gloom

Andy - January 2019

In 2019, the experience generation will be demanding more and more exciting and instagrammable experiences and creativity are at the core of ensuring experiential success.

January has been #CreativityMonth and it’s certainly been a busy month for us!

The production team has been in full swing and the creative juices are flowing with design briefs from the charity sector through to large scale immersive events – 2019 is set to be an exciting year!

Creativity – (the use of imagination create something) & design – (problem-solving and finding solutions) are core values for the Scene2 team.  Our simple yet creative approach to each of these briefs has let us create incredibly striking, innovative and fun experiences that tell a story, turning drab environments into interesting spaces and create intrigue (and amplify reach) on social media.

Since ancient times, storytelling and the theatre that goes with it, has been at the core of the human experience. Adults and children respond to stories in different ways but the important factor is that everyone has a response – an opinion, an emotion.

Our creative approach is to look at how to apply a story and create the most memorable, sharable, sellable and repeatable experiences for brands and consumers alike.

We aim to avoid the “one-size-fits-all approach” when designing activations as we believe that creativity must work hard to meet the constantly evolving expectations of both brands and consumers.

This year marks 20 yrs in business for Scene2 and cements us as experts in experiential design and production.  At Scene2, our experience means we know which concepts work and are achievable. We use terms such as modular, journey, interactivity and brand message as a starting point and combine this with knowledge of the audience – “who are we talking to?”

Get the formula right and the impact of design and creativity on brand experience is tremendous.