Converted Shipping Container for Experiential Activity – Great things to do with Shipping Containers #3

Andy Dixon - October 2011

timberland - festivalFollowing on from our successful creation of an exhibition stand for experiential activity in Westfield, Shepherds Bush in October 2010 we produced this fantastic experiential stand for Sense Marketing this summer to display Timberland’s Earthkeeper range @ the Cornbury Music Festival & Camp Bestival.

The experiential stand was self powered using a solar array provided by Firefly solar as well as solar panels cladding giant Timberland trees mounted on top of the roof terrace, smooth bikes which powered dynamos & bespoke designed & built log rolls providing power to the stand’s battery packs.

Timberland - Festival Container stand - overview

Arriving with 3 off 45ft trucks – 1 for the container, 1 for the dressing & panels & 1 for the skip viewing platforms we spent 3 days setting up & installing the stand.

[youtube width=”440″ height=”244″][/youtube]

Using a 45 foot shipping container as its basis we cut out 3 sides, strengthened the resulting unit and added additional steels to the front to create a 14m x 5m outdoor space.

The resulting structure was completely clad in timber to make it look like a solid, wooden building.

We then built a terrace on top, accessed by a 2m wide wooden staircase providing stunning views of the festival sights and stages.

In front of the main building we built 2 bar areas with dye sublimated stretched roofs. these areas housed the Smoothie Bar & Tea Bar.

We also produced these customized viewing platforms created from rubbish skips; adding steps, a false floor covered with real turf & artificial flowers, railings, large cut outs of the Timberland logo & cutting holes to enable the converted skips to also be used as recycling points.