Business marketing solutions: How to improve your telesales?

projectmanager - June 2011

We are so mega busy in the early stages of a big project at the moment that our dream factory presently feels more like a Chinese sweatshop. Please keep your eyes glued for more from inside our headquarters, as well as the latest and coolest experiential designs and campaigns presently out there, but for today you’ll just have to settle for an educational blog on improving your business productivity. Sigh.

1. Firstly, before you make those crucial calls, develop a script you feel comfortable with and try to stick to the general structure of it.
2. Use a pleasant and relaxed tone, be yourself and not a rushed salesman.
3. Identify yourself clearly and briefly at the beginning, then begin with your pitch.
4. Even if you gain a negative initial response answer back positively. Say something like ‘‘Yeah, that’s good to hear’, then continue to explain your pitch.
5. Don’t sound as if you’re actually reading a script, you have to sound natural.
6. Paint them a mental picture of what you are trying to sell, try to be as vividly descriptive as possible.

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