A Day in the life of a Project Manager

Would you like to know what it’s really like to work at Scene2?

Find out with this blog written by our newest Project Manager, Katy Lister. Katy joined Scene2 5 months ago to become the 6th member of the team.

“I have been a member of the Scene2 team for just over 5 months. I know there are plenty of companies out there who say ‘no two days are the same’, but in this role I have really found this to be true!

I spent my first day chasing the order of some chromed geese, and within my first few weeks I was unloading a giant teapot, researching how to make plastic prop chickens and goats for World Vision, and ordering astronaut helmets to be worn with fairy wings and a pink tutu for an experiential photo opportunity.

The Scene 2 workshop is a weird, wonderful and fast-paced environment and every week we seem to be starting work on a new project. I love that we take ideas from our clients, and build them into a practical reality. My role as Project Manager, is really varied and make the job so stimulating. Being a project manager at Scene2 is really hands-on. As well as account management, we also get involved in the production side of things and will often be painting, washing or sanding something.

Katy cleaning

In 2017, Scene2 had a record number of projects so there was never a dull day. Coming from a theatre background, I have always loved immersive shows where the line between audience and performer are blurred. This is what I love about the experiential stands that Scene 2 build.

There are two main highlights so far in my time at Scene2…

The first was the installation of our Giant Mirrored Cube in Bournemouth, which we built for the Open University #OUReflect, via their agency Reverb. I loved how this project seemed to change with every installation, this time with the seafront and fun of the Bournemouth Pier reflected in the mirrored cube.

The second highlight was a giant 360 booth surrounded by a star-scape. Inside was a camera spinning 360 degrees around the participant’s heads to film the experience. Of course, after it’s installation, the team and I had to have a quick go before leaving!

One of the best things about working at Scene2 is the fun-loving, friendly people. The family-run business often feels like an extended family, which creates a great working atmosphere. Plus, the Scene2 team has skills over and above all the bespoke event production building that they excel at. This is a team that produce eggs from their chickens, honey from their bees, homemade jam and bread and it wouldn’t be unusual for our lunch hour to break out into a full knitting circle! The Scene 2 team just can’t stop creating even in their spare time.

Scene2 is a really great place to work.“

Scene2 team crochet

chicken with cardigan